Heinz doesn’t need you, but we do!

- 04/09/2015


Heinz the cat is a heedless tourist in his own universe, where time and space have no regulations. Unspecific species, mumbling gnomes and aliens live together in peace and armory.

In HEINZ, the movie, it takes the main character 80 minutes to be stupefied about the disappearance of his son, to look for him and to coincidentally save the world.


FF is copruducing HEINZ, an animated feature film in 3ADHD, with the Dutch production company BosBros.

The film isn’t finished yet. Without your help, we ‘ll never find out if Heinz will be united with his little, innocent, shivering baby son …


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‘Ticking Away’ needs you!

- 25/06/2015
Ticking Away - Header

‘Ticking Away’ is an animated short in development, directed by Michael Sewnarain and produced by CinéTé and Epeios. Fabrique Fantastique was responsible for part of the coloring and the compositing.

The film is about a watchmaker who looks for redemption in his work and on a dark night he receives a very peculiar watch to repair…

This animated short is almost done, but to completely finish it they need your help!

We gladly refer you to their cinecrowd page:


For more information regarding the project:

Fabrique Fantastique collaborates on Video Art project “Invisible Cities”

- 21/04/2015

Fabrique Fantastique finished the VFX on an 8 minute short by Pierre Jean Giloux ” Invisible Cities”.

Production by Solang & S.O.I.L

Sc01_Sh14_0009 Sc01_Sh52_0027

Test-audience enjoys first episode of “Eric & the Tick Tocks”

- 21/04/2015

Just a few days ago we had the honours to show the finished pilot episode of Eric & the Tick Tocks to a bunch of kids from 4 to 9 years old!

They laughed at the jokes, got uncomfortable when things got spooky and managed to tell us what the story really was about!
Mission accomplished!






Let’s gear up to finance the other 35 Episodes!

Willow – Stay Stay Stay

- 27/01/2015

setfoto 001

setfoto 002

Fabrique Fantastique is making the videoclip for Willow’s newest hit: ‘Stay Stay Stay’.
Although in animation we try to think out of the box, we thought it would be funny to put the Willow band-members in boxes. What do you think?

‘The Tall Tale Tree’ Pilot

- 27/01/2015



Time goes by so fast, it seems like only yesterday when we introduced ‘The Tall Tale Tree’ trailer at Cartoon Connection and now we’ve already finished filming the live-action parts of the pilot episode.

Eric is helping Tree with telling the tale of the vegedile, a crocodile who’s very lonely because of his sharp looking teeth. Hopefully he succeeds in finding a friend in the end.

Designs for Splintertime completed and delivered!

- 05/08/2014

Splintertime is in it’s final fase.

We started out making designs for some props and ended up finishing a whole sequence.

We just can’t wait to see the results!


Production: Autour de Minuit, Studio Rosto A.D.


Tall Tale Tree goes to CartoonForum!

- 14/07/2014

After receiving support from VAF Media Fonds, for our latets project ‘The Tall Tale Tree‘, Fabrique Fantastique is now able to show off the trailer for this production on CartoonForum in Toulouse.

The hard work is not only done in the studio, at the office the animators are creating our sweet, little Tok-Birds as we speak! And preparing our old, wise tree for his debute.

Toulouse watch out, ’cause here we come!!!

Fabrique Fantastique welcomes Dutch kitten Heinz!

- 25/02/2014

FF will be coproducing ‘Heinz the movie in 3ADHD’ with the legendary Dutch production company Bosbros. We are very proud to welcome the grumpy scrounger Heinz in our studio.



Fabrique Fantastique designs for Splintertime, the upcomming shortfilm by ROSTO.

- 13/11/2013
“Zip up! And let’s dance to the sound of breaking glass.”

In Splintertime, the third in a series of short films featuring Thee Wreckers, time and space are as exchangeable as birth and death.


Again Fabrique Fantastique artdirector, Tom Van Gestel, and Rosto team up to design the world of Rosto’s brand new shortmovie “Splintertime“. Exiting times, the movie is in production as we speak!


Production : Autour de Minuit, Studio Rosto A.D.