Sir Mouse


Sir Mouse is a TV animation series for knights from 6 to 9 years, about the unusual friendship between Mouse and her best friend Dragon. The series is an unadulterated comedy, driven by its central characters with a healthy slice of absurdity thrown in for good measure.


Mouse is an obnoxious, bossy, pompous character who lives under the delusion that she is a knight. Everything she says and does comes from the conviction that she is a brave knight who will stop at nothing. The gentle and patient Dragon endures all Mouse’s stubbornness; she knows better than anyone how to deal with her.


Sir Mouse offers viewers an alternative to the stereotypical male-female mode of thinking. It’s modern approach is a refreshing vaccine against the ubiquitous pink princess madness, a lubricant to unlock the entrenched gender roles (which are often already deeply rooted in the psyche of even the youngest children). This series seeks to challenge and question those preconceptions in an entertaining and colorful way.


This series is an adaptation of the award-winning book series MOUSE & DRAGON, written by Dirk Nielandt and illustrated by Marjolein Pottie.