Eric & the Tick Tocks

Eric & the Tick Tocks is a witty and cheerful children’s program for boys and girls aged up to seven years.

In the sheltering shadow of an age-old tall tale tree, master storyteller Eric takes the little ones on a journey to Africa for a series of magnificent stories. Each of the stories is funny and chock-full of fantasy, but if you listen carefully you can discover even more.

With subjects such as jealousy, depression and teasing, the scope of what children’s stories are supposed to be about, is dramatically extended. We cannot protect our children from negative feelings such as anxiety, jealousy or frustration. However, we can try to illustrate different ways of overcoming such struggles. The animals in the stories often don’t even have a physical challenge to overcome, but an emotional one instead. The main idea is one that is perhaps as old as the tree itself: with love, friendship and understanding, this world can be a pretty groovy place to live in!

Over the course of his story, Eric is accompanied by comical, characteristically identifiable animation figures such as Marcus the playful monkey; smart Tick, dreamy Tack and vain Tock, the chattering tockbirds; and a thoughtful old tree.

With this method Eric & the Tick Tocks combines the authentic art of storytelling and contemporary, state-of-the-art 3d animation techniques. Each episode of Eric & the Tick Tocks has a formatted, typical composition – from the title sequence with a cheerful song, the initial situation, the story, the feedback to the initial situation, to the closing credits – and is about seven minutes and thirty seconds long. The core values are positiveness, an open perspective to the world, humour and telling something in a captivating way that is educational but never boring.

Eric & the Tick Tocks is a combination of 3d animation and live-action actors.