We are looking for a Rigging Lead with good Maya rigging and scripting skills, a good knowledge of anatomy and realistic deformations to deliver quality rigs for 3D animation and live-action projects.


  • Setup rigging templates, tools and systems at the start of every project with the pipeline Lead to streamline workflows and pipelines.
  • Working with 3D modellers to insure models are ready for rigging, and meet all technical requirements;
  • Working with the animation team to create artist-friendly rigs that satisfy animation needs;
  • Working with production managers and directors to identify and prioritise tasks;
  • Lead a small rigging team, to guide and help them to develop their skills;
  • Provide and maintain technical documentation;


  • Minimum 3 years of production experience in game or film/vfx fields;
  • Good knowledge of character/prop rigging technique and principles;
  • Good understanding of body and facial anatomy;
  • Python scripting;
  • Good knowledge of Maya;
  • Good troubleshooting skills and the ability to find pragmatic solutions;
  • Ability to be self-sufficient and take initiative to seek answers and address issues;
  • Effective communication skills and able to work together in a team;


  • Knowledge of Peregrine Labs' Yeti plugin;
  • familiarity in runtime performance efficiency and optimisation of rigs;

Send your resume, demoreel and motivation letter to geert(@)fabriquefantastique.be