2D Character Animation

2D Character Animation

Session 1  "The physical world".

In this lesson we will go through the 12 basic principles of animation based on traditional drawing animation examples and how one can technically achieve the same in 2D cut-out animation. The exercis will be an energetic physical movement such as a gracious jump, a few seconds of shadow boxing, a turn. Dare to exaggerate the personality of the character to the maximum. Animate the rig straight-forward, analyze the physics of the entire body from frame to frame, keeping the personality of your character always in mind .. and go with the flow. 

Lecturer: Pieter Vanluffelen

Session 2  "The inner world" 

In this lesson we do the exact opposite: the exercise will be an inner monologue, where a character is lost in thought. The character-rig has been set up to approach traditional animation as closely as possible. The emphasis is on conveying emotion with facial expression and body language. 

Lecturer: Pieter Vanluffelen

Session 3 "Interaction"

In this exercise we study gestures and facial expressions in a dialogue. It is important to know exactly what is happening to obtain a credible dialogue between multiple characters. 

Lecturer: Pieter Vanluffelen

Session 4 - 5 : “Thank you for the music”  

This session is all about fun and creativity!

The goal in this session is to push a character performance from an existing musical sequence from a puppetfilm to the maximum by translating it into 2D animation.

Puppetfilms are limited in character performance because of the limitations in the rig. We analyze how the essence of a sequence is created and what filmtechniques are used to communicate the idea. How can we push the performance with our 2D character cut-out rig? 

Lecturer: Pieter Vanluffelen

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