Senior 3D Animator

We are looking for senior 3D Animator with good Maya Skills. 

Role Responsibilities

  • Interpret brief from the Animation Director, make best use of storyboards to create a believable performance within the shot photography. 
  • Match and react to the performances within the shot, create believable interaction with props and environments; 
  • Address all notes form Animation/VFX Supervisor/Director and deliver retakes on time while maintaining highest standards; 
  • Perform observation-based research for motion across a range of subject. 
  • Work in partnership with the rigging department to suggest usefull enhancements to the rig that will benefit the animation team. 
  • Work in partnership with the Effects department to ensure primary animation and secondary animation are deliverd to the highest standards. 
  • Work in partnership with production coordinator to ensure that animation deliverables are on schedule. 

Required Experience

  •  Have excellent observational skills and acting talent, for character work. 
  • Knowledge and indepth experience of CG animation tools (eg. Maya) 
  • Ability to interpret and execute directors's feedback; 
  • Good communicator with great interpersonal skills and can delivers high quality often in a pressurized environment; 
  • Meticulous nature with a self-critical eye and high standards. 

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