Gardener Gavin

Gardener Gavin is a comical and heart-warming animation series about a conscientious little tin man gardener. The timid Gavin proudly maintains the beautiful, rural garden of Sir Byron Bibbins with strict discipline. 

The adventure beckons from behind every bush. Gavin prefers to stick to his routine and although sometimes he would like to, he doesn’t dare neglect his gardening duties. But his friends- various other garden decorations- like to happily tow him along. The rapscallions, with the tough girl Gabby in the lead, have other priorities in life

and just want to have fun. Unfortunately, this often leads to problems and comes at the expense of cleanliness in the carefully landscaped garden.

Together they combine each other’s strengths and overcome the obstacles. Gavin learns that life can’t just be all work and no play and his friends find out that a little discipline doesn’t do any harm, and at times can even give genuine satisfaction.

This series takes viewers to a beautiful setting. The lush English gardens appeal to the imagination of both young and old. Gardener Gavin shows the beauty of nature. The filmed background images are of England’s most beautiful gardens and incorporate 3D characters.

In addition to the television series, there is a web series, in which Gardener Gavin and his friends teach the children more about nature and encourage them to work in their own gardens.

Gardening stimulates curiosity and wonder and creates a climate in which children can develop.