JUUL, a compelling drama for (young) adults, written by An De Gruyter.

In the 1950s the Kavaros circus is in financial distress. After an accident in the ring 17-year-old acrobat Juul goes into a coma, and the doctor pronounces her brain dead. Her father Bor, a magician, can't bear to be without his daughter and spirits her away from the hospital. Then, when he shows her off as a living puppet, audiences begin to return to the circus stands. In silent protest at the indignity of this, and at the loss of her free will, Juul slowly turns to porcelain.  

JUUL presents a comatose girl, sets her up as a freak show, and turns us, the captive audience, into voyeurs.  At times highly challenging, the story - rendered in beautiful 3D animation - is also heartfelt and in places profoundly human.



Script Writer
An de Gruyter 

Tom van Gestel 

Art Director
Liesbet van Loon 

Steve Willaert

Executive Producer
Geert Torfs 

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