Sir Mouse

In the dim and distant middle ages, in a rather absurd little world, live the stubborn and fiery Mouse and the mild-mannered Dragon. Comedy Ketnet series, Sir Mouse, recounts these best friends' adventures.

Mouse is a brave knight, and she is ever ready to do battle. But in a world without war it is mostly boredom she has to contend with. Until someone new cries for help or King sends her and Dragon on an important quest. Our gallant heroines fly into action with total commitment. But when the mission looks like failing (as it invariably does) Mouse gets so frustrated, so angry, that she explodes. And it's that explosion that opens the way to a solution …

Sir Mouse, a series for 5 to 8-year olds, easily breaks through the gender role stereotypes.



Based on the books & illustrations of
Dirk Nielandt 
Marjolein Potti

Tom van Gestel 

Executive Producer
Geert Torfs 

Script Writer
Marianne Op de Beeck
Luuk van Bemmelen

Hans Helewaut

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