Sir Mouse

The series Sir Mouse is about the special friendship between a bad-tempered Mouse and her huge, cuddly friend, Dragon. The series effortlessly breaks through the stereotypical male-female patterns.

Mouse is a brave knight, always ready for battle, but in a peaceful world, all she has to fight is boredom. Until, once again, the King has an important assignment for her and Dragon. They are both in their element and do everything they can to succeed in their mission. When someone is in need, Mouse and Dragon are a great rescue team. Dragon is satisfied with the pleasure of figuring things out for himself, but she always leaves a space for Mouse to shine.

Sir Mouse`s medieval universe is populated by animals, mainly mice and rats. They are noble castle dwellers, farmers or artisans. The rhyming Knight, the sensitive Prince, and the scatter- brained Mr Witch are often involved in the adventures of Mouse and Dragon. But Mouse has a short fuse and working with this stubborn girl does not always go smoothly. Each time Mouse gets overheated she literally explodes. Yet it is precisely this explosion that leads to discovering the solution. Every adventure ends with a sis hug.

This beautiful and original animated series is based on the award-winning book series

Muis & Draak, written by Dirk Nieland and illustrated by Marjolein Pottie. 



Sir Mouse

Mouse is a bossy, stubborn and at times even annoying little girl, the type that would rather wear trousers than a skirt. Or well, in her case rather a sword and armour. She wants to be called “Sir Mouse” by everyone. Only Dragon is allowed to address her as “Mouse”.

She reacts very strongly, when someone doubts her knighthood or abilities. And she's even more sensitive when being confronted by the fact that she is  little. But in all honesty, she's always had a very short fuse.

Mouse overestimates herself. She's constantly looking out for adventure and doesn't avoid any challenges, no matter their size. She's not self-aware at all and is so caught up in her own way of thinking, that she doesn't notice how far off she can be. Even though she's often angry or upset, Mouse can also be very enthusiastic; she switches quickly between the different (positive and negative) emotions. Especially when she gets angry she loses control, making it possible for the anger to escalate until she literally explodes. Also irritation or extreme excitement can be the cause for an explosion.

On the inside Mouse is a small insecure little girl. Her best, most devoted friend Dragon gives her the acknowledgement she so needs. When Mouse is relaxed and content after a victory, she is able to show her appreciation and affection towards Dragon with a big hug.


Dragon, Mouse’s best friend, is like a motherly big sister to Mouse. She knows best where Mouse’s sensitivities lie and will do everything to support her.

Dragon often knows the solution to a problem and will mention it to Mouse. Mouse ignores Dragon’s suggestion to, immediately after doing so, have the same exact idea. As a result Mouse is complimented by Dragon because of her ingenuity.

Dragon very often apologises and has the tendency to underestimate herself. But when there’s an emergency and she reacts instinctively, she can really hold her own and protect her friends.

Dragon is calm, empathic and considerate. And she has an angelic patience. Dragon loves being cosy just as much as going on an adventure.

She can breathe fire, but would never do it to impress or harm someone. If Mouse incites her, she will use it as a deterrent. She’ll also breathe fire in case there’s a need for light or warmth.

Dragon is also able to fly. This way she can quickly bridge long distances, with or without Mouse on her neck.                                                


Prince is like the younger boy next door, that looks up to Mouse, who’s a bit older than him. She likes the admiration, but is annoyed by Prince’s childishness.

Prince is King’s only child.

He’s a bit introverted and spends most of his time in his tower, that stands in a field. He likes to read there: science books or fairy tales. Sometimes he gets so lost in the stories, he seems to think he’s living in one. And yet he gets bored often. When that happens, he calls Mouse and Dragon for their company.

Prince has a really big crush on Mouse. To him she is a real, tough knight. If it were up to him, she would be saving him constantly…

Prince is not tough at all. He’s squeamish and not really a problem solver. In Mouse and Dragon’s company he feels stronger and safe. Besides the two girls he also likes to hang out with Sir Knight.